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Whether you’re trimming your trees to improve the health of the trees, reduce hazards, improve clearances or improving your views. Liberty Lumberjack utilizes ANSI (American National Standards Institute) A300 trimming standards to ensure your left with the safest and most structurally sound tree that will be in good condition for years to come. Liberty Lumberjack employees are trained to safely climb trees utilizing techniques that leave your tree unharmed. The use of an arial bucket truck is utilized when the job permits and leads to increase efficiency and savings.


Removing trees on residential or commercial property reduce hazards to personnel and property. Improving views and aesthetics can help improve property value. Liberty Lumberjack has experience with multiple techniques for tree removal to ensure safe and efficient work.


As wildfires rage through California now every year. The fires are getting bigger and lasting longer each year. The importance of managing the vegetation around your house or business is more important than it has ever been. With several years of training and work in the fire service Liberty Lumberjack is well trained on managing the vegetation around your home or business to increase its survivability in the event of a wildfire.